Source 2 Manager's Minute Book Walberswick School

30th January 1939 - 5th April 1941


Monday Jan 30th 1939

Refugees - It was reported that the 3 Austrian Jew refugees had settled down so well that they no longer prevented Mrs Piper [Head Teacher] from being able to give proper attention to the other children. 


Monday June 12th 1939

The Vicar reported that the Education Committee had refused the request for the installation of Electric Light.


He also gave an outline of the arrangements for the evacuation of children from London in a case of emergency.


Thursday Sept 14th 1939

Arrangements for reopening the school were discussed & the following circular was drafted.





Arrangements for the continuance of education.



(A)  A copy of this circular will be given to every parent of children attending Walberswick School and the acceptance of it will imply that the parent has made himself or herself acquainted with the contents.


(B) The School will re-open on Monday, September 18th, at 9 a.m.

No child is to arrive before 8.45 a.m.

No child will be admitted without a gas mask.


(C) The children who should attend are -

1.    The Walberswick children who would normally attend school. I.e., up to 11 years of age, and

2.    All evacuated children up to the age of 14 years.


(D) The children will be mixed and the school will be organised as one school with Mrs. Piper in full control. The temporary teacher, irrespective of her status, will be under Mrs. Piper's authority.



1.    If on the way to school: - The children should either run home or to school. The place chosen should be the one that is the nearer at the time of the warning. Or, the child can run into any house near at hand and ask for protection.

2.    If during school hours: - The head teacher will remain in full control within the school premises. Parents are asked to inform the head teacher whether they wish their children to be sent home or to be retained at the school under the teacher's control. Mrs. Piper will use her discretion as to what should be done, but normally, she will take the children into the lane and line them up in single file with two yards between each child. Arrangements have been made for Mrs. Piper to receive notice of every air raid warning. If the raid is not likely to be in the vicinity, school will carry on as usual. Action will only be taken if the air raid is likely to be local. This will avid unduly alarming the children. As it may dark before the "All Clear" is given, parents are asked to arrange for their children to be fetched when the raid is over. Otherwise the children will be sent home and it must be clearly understood that no responsibility will the rest on the teacher.

(F)  It must be clearly understood that no responsibility rests on the teacher for any accident to any child who leaves the school premises without permission.


(G) Evacuated children and parents. No parent will be allowed to take a child away from school during school hours unless the parent can first of all satisfy the teacher as to his or her bona-fides.


(H) Children cannot be received from another village except through arrangements made with the Billeting Officer.


N.B. - Mrs. Piper has full control at all times within the boundaries of the school premises. She has full control over children during an air raid in cases where the parent has elected to leave the child in her care.


                                    (Signed) A.D. THOMPSON,

                                    Chairman and Correspondent.


Sept. 14th, 1939.



Wednesday Sept 27th 1939

Air Raid Precautions The latest circular was considered & the following letter to the Education Office approved.


The Vicarage


September 27th 1939

Walberswick School.


Dear Sir,

            The managers met this afternoon and considered your circular "Air Raid Precautions - Notes for the guidance of Head Teachers etc'" and I have been asked (see para 8) to write and enquire what arrangements are proposed for protection from window splinters. This school has 116 panes of glass of which the Head Teacher is covering the 38 interior ones with brown paper. There still remains the outside windows. Can a supply of cellophane be sent so that these, too, can be covered. We also require some pails to fill with drinking water in the event of a raid.

 Yours faithfully,




Monday March 31st 1941

War Weapons Week which aimed at £240 achieved £1058.6.6. The organisers were Mrs. Piper and Mrs. Block.


The Vicarage


March 31st 1941

Walberswick School.


Dear Sir,

            The local war-savings group is managed by the Head-teacher (Mrs. H. Piper). Last week we had "War weapons week" and aimed at £240. The figure reached was £1.058-6-6.


The managers have approved the use of the school for the Annual meeting of the Walberswick Women's Institute for approximately and hour from 3.30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 9th. The Institute's own hall has been used as a First Aid Point since the outbreak of war and the members, therefore, have no access to it. ....


 Yours faithfully,





The Vicarage



April 5th 1941

Walberswick C. School.


Dear Sir,

            I am enclosing stamps to the value of 1/6 in response to the request in your letter dated April 3rd. The Committee of the Women's Institute are very grateful for your kindness.


            I now have to inform you that the military at present stationed in this village are very kindly supplying the material and labour to sandbag part of the school as an air-raid protection shelter for the children ...


Yours faithfully,





Transcribed from Minute Book Walberswick School

October 10th 1919

Suffolk Record Office (Ipswich) 1117/6