SOURCE 3 Log Book Walberswick School 1938-1941



Dec 19th

Mr L. Missen Secretary of the Education Committee visited the school in the afternoon with reference to the admission of 3 Austrian Jew Refugees (Michael and Nancy Deutsch, and Ruth Feigl) and the extra work entailed. Although there are now 26 on the roll Mr Missen did not think an assistant could be allowed ... (Note. Circular 2. 1939 (10.1.39) No further refugees are to be admitted under any circumstances to any of the committee's schools.)



Sept 2nd

Owing to the international situation the school was re-opened today for the reception of evacuated children. Windows had to be darkened (temporarily) as the party did not arrive til 9 p.m. Instead of children the party consisted of mothers and babies with a few children who did not accompany their school groups (32 arrived).


Sept 3rd

Another party of mothers and children was received today, and were all billeted at "Kuruman", where a canteen under the supervision of some of the local ladies has been established.


Sept 5th

Yesterday and today, a list of all evacuated children has been compiled, and full particulars sent to the Education Committee.


Sept 6th

A further list of evacuated children was sent to the Education Committee today.


Sept 18th

School re-opened today with 45 children on the roll (20 Walberswick children and 25 Evacuated children.) The Evacuated children were inspected (cleanliness) on admission and all found to be perfectly clean, with the exception of Violet Hall, whose mother has been notified. ...


Oct 11th

Mr Walker is likely to be called up for Military Service so Miss Saunders (Physical Training Organiser) will be taking over the organisation of Physical Training in his schools too.


Oct 27th

Eleven evacuated children have returned home during the last fortnight, reducing the number on the Evacuated Children Register to 9.


Dec 4th

Jill Cady came to school, crying, this morning, because her grandmother would not allow her to bring her gas-mask. She was sent home for it, but did not return.


Dec 6th

Jill Cady returned this morning, but still with no gas-mask. ... Jill was sent home with a note explaining the Ed Committee's instructions but returned with note (attached) and still no gas-mask. She was again refused admission.


Dec 7th

Jill Cady returned to school with gas-mask.



April 3rd

An Air Raid practice was carried out this morning when the siren sounded. Children were sent out for play about 5 minutes before the siren sounded, in order to find out what they would do. It was a great success, the children running to their places without stopping to take off their clothes, with one exception, Derek Rose, who stood looking bewildered in the middle of the room.


May 14th

School opened today instead of tomorrow following a B.B.C. announcement that all school holidays are cancelled. Children have been told to bring their gas masks daily.


June 28th

Owing to the nightly disturbances during the past fortnight, children have been very tired during the day. From today a rest period, commencing at 1.45' and varying in length from 30 minutes to 1 hour, according to circumstances, will be given daily.


July 3rd 

A daylight air-raid was experienced here today. At a minute or two before 10 o'clock, whilst children were in the playground, bombs were heard dropping. They immediately rushed to their air-raid places for cover. Two children, on their way to school, saw a bomb falling. Although children have been warned to take cover as soon as they hear any aircraft approaching, this came as a surprise, as it approached against the wind. No air-raid warning was given. The children were quite calm, in fact it was a treated as a joke by most of them.


July 4th 

Pieces of bomb, brought to school, by the children, have taught them much more than any lesson could have done.


July 17th

An air-raid warning was sounded this morning at 10 o'clock and the children at once went into their shelters. The "All Clear" was given at 10.15 and work was resumed.


Sept 30th

At 8.45 the Air-Raid Warning sounded - 7 children only at school until after the "All Clear" at 9.25.


Oct 3rd

Mr H. S. Orford, School Attendance Officer, called during lunch hour. He brought 47 books from Reydon Area School, for the use of the Walberswick Senior Children who usually attend Reydon School. Owing to the prevailing conditions, the ferry has been closed, and parents object to having their children rowed across the river. Pending arrangements for other means of transport, the senior children are asked to attend here.


Oct 22nd

Rev A.D. Thompson, Correspondent, called in this morning with the Education Committee's instructions for the senior children. Six girls Viola and Molly English, Joyce and Peggy Bloomfield, Pamela Goodwin and Mildred Leon will be taken by car (from Monday Oct 28th) to Reydon Area School. No definite instructions were given about the boys who are all over 14 years old.


Dec 6th

 (Average) number of child hours lost during past fortnight owing to sirens etc was 14.



Jan 6th

School re-opened today with 18 on roll. An Air-Raid Warning at 9.25 caused several children to be late.


Jan 7th

An Air-Raid Warning at 12.25 made it impossible for children who went home to lunch to return at the ordinary time. The "Raiders Passed" signal sounded at 1.40.


Jan 22nd

Two very unsettling days. Much aerial activity and bombs in neighbourhood, which have upset the work.


Feb 5th

Mr Fordham (builder) called during lunch hour to see whether anti-splinter net had been put on the windows. This work had been commenced on Monday.


Feb 21st 

'The Alert' having been sounded at 8.15 this morning, only 5 children present at 9 o'clock.


March 7th

Miss Saunders, Physical Training Organiser, visited the school to see a Physical Training lesson this morning. On hearing of present difficulties which prevent ordinary PT lessons being taken outside ...


April 2nd

Children had to spend a considerable time this morning under their shelters whilst enemy aircraft was overhead. Children are more nervous then before on account of last Saturday's raid.


April 4th

Mr Fordham called to inspect anti-splinter netting and the state of the playground.


April 21st

Mr Markham (assistant architect) called to see the sandbagging which is being carried out by the military authorities.


May 12th

Last night was a very disturbed night and the children had a rest period of half an hour during the afternoon, All the children except one had been up till early hours of the morning.


July 29th

Mr W.G. Winyard brought an incendiary bomb and stirrup pump to school this afternoon and gave a talk to the children about them.  Afterwards he instructed them in the use of the Stirrup Pump in the playground. It was a most interesting hour and the children were delighted to use the stirrup pump.



Transcribed from Walberswick School Log Book

December 10th 1926 - June 7th 1961

Suffolk Record Office (Ipswich) 1117/3