Sharing the Secret! Making history public!

  • Now Milly knows about the war in Walberswick she wants other people to know. The Walberswick Coastal Defences WW2 website is a great start but what about the people, especially families, who visit Walberswick?


  • Suffolk Coastal District Council has asked for ideas for interpreting the World War Two remains for visitors who come there. We have been asked to design
  • (1) Interpretation panels or signs containing pictures and text that can be put up to tell the story of Walberswick's coastal defences.
  • All the panels must have a common style and design and be suitable for outdoors so we need to look at some examples to get ideas.
  • We will need to decide how many panels are needed and where we will put them. We will also need to choose some photographs or drawings and some stories about Walberswick's war from people who were here would also make them more interesting.
  • Your local museum or heritage officer with the local council might be a good place to start to find out about interpretation signs or panels.


  • (2) A guided trail or leaflet that visitors could buy or download to use on a walk to understand the World War 2 landscape and remains. You would need to draw a map of the walk to guide visitors.
  • For an example of a local Walberswick Dunwich walk go to and click on Discover the Area where you will find an interactive map and walks.



Postscript: [Walberswick mine]