"If, in 1939 or early 1940, an invading fleet had breached air and naval defences, they would have found much of Britain's coastline poorly protected. Coastal batteries were located at Landguard Fort [Felixstowe] and Lowestoft but, at the outbreak of war, much of Suffolk's coast was defenceless". (From Suffolk's Defended Shore by Cain Hegarty and Sarah Newsome, English Heritage 2007 p.53)

  • These activities are designed to be part of a KS2 Unit of Work on the Second World War for Years 5/6 and to build local studies and thinking skills exercises into work on the Home Front.
  • The main task is for the students to plan the defence of the coast of Walberswick firstly in response to the outbreak of war and then, more urgently, the blitzkrieg tactics of the Nazi invasion of Holland, Belgium, Denmark and France.
  • At this point in May 1940 the British Government and the public believed an invasion was imminent.