• Investigating the real landscape and remains of World War 2 Walberswick using web-based resources and the virtual, Walberswick - Coastal Defences of World War 2 and sharing the research through designing interpretative panels and audio and walking tour guides.


  • This teaching and learning resource uses the real present landscape of Walberswick as the setting for a present day story about Milly and her investigation into the mysterious blocks on the beach.
  • Visiting in the summer with her family, Milly is intrigued by the large concrete blocks at the edge of the car park and sets out to discover what they are and why they are there. The first part of the learning activities involve the use of website tools such as and web-based research as Milly tries to find out what she can about Walberswick in World War 2. Her search then brings her to this new website which forms the basis of the second part of the learning activities.
  • Ideally students should visit Walberswick as part of the work but this investigation can also be carried out without a site visit. If they can visit then they should take their own photographs of the remains around the village for this project. Otherwise Milly's story contains some current photographs and there are more on the website.