Dragon's Teeth


  • Dragon's teeth were a form of fixed beach defence that comprised a metal spike set in concrete. They were placed between high and low water mark with the object of tearing out the bottom of troop carrying invasion barges before they could land. The term is sometimes used to describe small anti-tank pyramids made of concrete, but documents concerning the defence of Walberswick make it clear that in this part of Suffolk they referred to steel spikes.
  • Their construction was relatively simple and they were formed from bent and pointed steel angles or girders of approximately 12"x5" (30x13cm) set in concrete and sunk into the sand or shingle at close intervals and pointing seaward.


Bullozer removing Dragon's Teeth

Bulldozer removing Dragon's Teeth from coastline just to the south of Walberswick at Dunwich. The concrete base for the spike can clearly be seen.


Relic Spike from Dragon's Teeth

 A relic spike from Dragon's Teeth.