Learn about Walberswick, why Britian needed coastal defences during WWII,  and why there were coastal defences at Walberswick

Where is Walberswick?


Location Map showing Walberswick and its immediate landscape.
  • Walberswick is a small village on the east coast of Suffolk. It lies just to the south of the mouth of the river Blyth. Click here to see a modern map.
  • A chain ferry used to link the village with Southwold on the other side of the river to the north. This was suspended in 1940 and was later replaced by a rowing boat, which still operates a regular service today.In the Middle Ages Walberswick was a thriving port.
  • The past wealth of the community is reflected in the parish church, with its magnificent 15th-century tower. In the early twentieth century it became popular with artists who found the buildings and landscape excellent subject matter.
  • Today, the landscape around Walberswick is protected marsh and heath and is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Walberswick as it appears today

Today Walberswick is well-known as a tourist destination with crabbing a popular pastime for visiting families. The line of concrete anti-tank cubes on the far bank is a reminder of a very different time in its history.