This pack, writen by Dr Lesley Walker, presents enquiry-led explorations of how the Second World War left its mark on one area of coastal Suffolk through the surviving remains of civil defence works of 1940-41 and through a virtual recreation of Walberswick during those years based on surviving documentary and archaeological evidence. There are three teaching and learning approaches focussing on both the real site today, the evidence for what happened here in 1940-41 and the virtual site, and the interpretation of Walberwick's civil defences in 1940-41. The approaches and ideas are designed to be cross-curricular - incorporating elements of history, geography, English, ICT, literacy and citizenship.

The teaching pack, available as a PDF, can be downloaded here. The resources are also available to download by clicking here. Please note: the teaching pack is over 5MB, and the resource pack is over 12MB. Consequently, each may take some time to download.